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Magnificent Air proudly uses and recommends RUUD brand equipment from Tropic Supply in Lee County Class A Certified Air Conditioning Contractor.
1019 SE 10th Street Cape Coral Florida 33990

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Cape Coral Fl
Magnificent Air Service & Maintenance Agreement is a free service agreement that we offer to our loyal customers.This agreement provide five benefits to help maintain your cooling system,from the date of this Agreement as follows:

FIRST: Clean & Check your air conditioning system and change filters every 6 months with 10% savings after first visit.
 SECOND : We call you with friendly reminders and maintain your service records for Warrentee purposes.
THIRD: Up to 20% off any future part purchases from Magnificent Air (entire AC units, condensers or air handlers excluded)
FIFTH: Discounted Service Call Rate, Seasonal Money Savings Offers & Friendly Reminders E-mailed To You About Your System.
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